Alice Huang

Alice F Thomas is a licensed acupuncturist in both Michigan, USA and British Columbia, Canada.

Alice Thomas (Feng Xian Huang) was born in Changsa, Hunan, China, and graduated as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Hunan University in 1983. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, who was also a doctor and well-known herbalist, Alice continued her studies with Acupuncture and Massage training at the “Chinese Medical School” in Hunan.

Alice practiced TCM, acupuncture and massage therapy in China for five years before moving her practice to Canada, where she immigrated in 1989, and later to the U.S. in 2003.

Alice has lectured on acupuncture and TCM in Toronto and Vancouver and is a clinical supervisor and instructor for OSHIO College of Acupuncture and Herbology in Victoria, British Columbia. She also co-edited Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy, a widely-used practical handbook for the intermediate and advanced study for acupuncture. Alice is also an instructor at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. Subjects taught include “Relieve Arthritis Pain without Drugs” and “Neck and Shoulder Pain” among others.

Alice is available in three locations: Dearborn, Wyandotte and Clawson, MI
While each location offers Chinese Natural Therapies, there may be select services offered at each location on limited days.  Choose the location more convenient for you and your schedule. The Dearborn, Wyandotte, and Clawson Offices are here to assist you.  Please always feel free to call with questions.

Alice’s success in treating her patients’ conditions has earned her the unofficial title of “Miracle Worker.” Read the experiences of Alice’s patients.

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