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13 Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage

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13 Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage

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1. Massage & Blood Pressure

Foot Reflexology Massage can help to lower your blood pressure. This works by activating the massage points on the feet. Reflexology points release feel good chemicals in your body that help you relax. We provide a tranquil environment at Alice Huang’s to help you melt away the day’s anxiety.

2. Foot Reflexology Can Improve Nerves

Nephropathy is a common condition that affect the nerves in hands and feet. When nerve cells get damaged or destroyed, the results in the loss of sensation in areas of the body. Nephropathy is felt especially the hands and feet. Reflexology directly stimulates the reflex points at the bottom of your feet. This helps increase blood flow which, in turn, can help improve nerves.

3. Massage Can Improves Energy Levels

Reflexology is believed to help detox the body. Some people claim the feet are intimately connected to the body and its organs, also taking on the entire weight of the body. Foot massage can stimulate the reflex areas in the foot. to adjust bodily functions and help improve blood circulation and metabolism. That means increased energy levels.

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4. Foot Reflexology Can Improve Circulation

Reflexology improves blood flow throughout the whole body. Improved circulation translates to more oxygen rich cell capacity and increased recovery following a workout or an injury.

5. Foot Massage Helps Promote Sleep

Reflexology has the ability to improve the functioning of the nervous system. This means that it can promote sleep and relaxation, even assist in fighting insomnia. Call Alice Huang today to schedule an appointment for a Chinese Foot Massage for a better night’s sleep.

6. Foot Reflexology Can Liver Function

Anything we eat has to pass through the liver for processing . A decrease in function of the liver could lead to dangerous accumulation of waste matter which would’ve otherwise been removed by the organ. Reflexology can improve efficient metabolism.

7. Migraines and Headaches

People suffer from headaches and migraines which many resort to taking medication. These medications could carry significant risks. A Chinese Foot Massage can relax the entire body. Foot reflexology can help to reduce the pain associated with migraines, reducing muscular tension and helping to calm us.

If you suffer from Migraines and Headaches, ask Alice if a Reflexology Foot Massage should be added to your holistic therapy. Choose the Metro Detroit location more convenient for you and your schedule. The Dearborn, Wyandotte, and Clawson Offices are here to assist you. 

8. Speeds up The Healing

Reflexology is able to improve blood circulation. Healing can be faster when reflexology massage therapy is combined with other Chinese therapies. Ask Alice which therapy is right for you and your condition. Of course, the more efficient its process, the faster you will recover and be able to get back to your daily routine!

9. Arthritis

While many people advise against massaging arthritic joints, however, reflexology works differently by using reflexology points around the joints. These points release pain fighting chemicals and increase blood flow. People that routinely use reflexology, however, report up to 40% decrease in painful symptoms, and less need for medication.

10. Foot Massage for Depression

Depression affects most of us at one time or another, however there are therapies to help cope offered at Alice Huang’s. There are many causes for depression such as an imbalance of neurotransmitter levels, lack of sleep or high anxiety. In addition to this, stress levels can induce a state similar to depression. A reflexology foot massage a can help to minimize these symptoms.

11. Chronic Sinusitis

You are more likely to suffer from chronic sinusitis if you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma. However, despite over the counter medicines and nasal flushes, many continue to fight sinusitis. Foot reflexology can help to relieve symptoms of sinusitis, allowing you to breathe easier and not have to rely on medication all the time.

12. Helps Reduce Swollen Feet

Feet can become swollen for a number of reasons including high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease or even pregnancy. Regardless of the cause however, you need to find a way to remove excess fluid in the feet. A Chinese foot massage can ease the discomfort. Restore essential energy to your feet. Restore vitality to your whole body, Call Alice today!

13. Reduces Symptoms of PMS

Many women experience symptoms of PMS. Symptoms include emotional disturbances and fatigue. Many woman feel that this is normal just before their monthly menstrual period, however, these symptoms could be reduced with a Chinese Foot massage. Foot reflexology may not be a cure for severe symptoms, but a relaxing massage helps release feel good endorphins that help woman feel better.

2019, Written by: Michael Jessimy for NaturalFoodSeries.com

Psoriasis Before & After Acupuncture

Acupuncture Testimonial

The client below came in to see Alice Huang. She suffered from severe psoriasis on her neck, legs, and arms. Below are photos from before and after being treated with acupuncture.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. This skin disorder causes the skin cells to build up quickly on the surface of the skin. The result is scales and red patches that are itchy and often painful. Psoriasis can grow anywhere. It most often appears on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Recently, a client came to Alice Huang’s client suffering from severe psoriasis on her body particularly on her neck, legs, and arms.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body. This ancient Chinese medicinal practice uses specific points on the body to alleviate pain. In addition, it can help various health conditions. The process uses either thin needles (acupuncture) or using pressure points (acupressure). The acupuncture points are nerve points on the body that give access to the system of energetic meridians. The stimulation of the meridians increases the production of the body’s own endorphins and, at the same time, activates the immune and endocrine systems.

Alice Huang uses fine high-grade surgical steel needles, which are used only once. The needles may remain from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the desired effect. Several of our clients can testify that acupuncture is the solution to their pain and discomfort.

A key philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine is that one organ can affect another, and what affects one organ can affect the whole body. This also applies to skin disorders like eczema, acne, psoriasis, alopecia. Acupuncture is an alternative treatment for those who prefer a non- invasive and non-chemical treatment.

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Cupping Therapy Works

Is Cupping Therapy Right For Me?

Why try Cupping Therapy? Athletes around the world are seen with the round purple marks on their skin.  Why is this ancient form of Chinese therapy gaining popularity in the Western world?

One reason for the rapid gain in popularity is the search for alternative drug free pain management. Many people suffer from opioid addiction in efforts to control their pain. Cupping Therapy is a form of alternative for of holistic therapy to help with pain. This therapy is successful for famous athletes and can be good for you, too.

How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping works by increasing the blood flow to sore areas in muscles. This blood flow provides important nutrients to the affected area and stimulates your own body’s natural healing process. This therapy provides pain relief by exciting small nerves inside muscles to release pain killing chemicals. Cupping is a successful pain management therapy.

There are different forms of cupping therapy. For instance, the cup itself may be made of glass, bamboo, earthenware, or silicon. There are air cupping and fire cupping methods. The therapist creates the cupping effect by change in heat or by suctioning out air inside of the cup.  When the cup is placed on your skin and the cup acts as a vacuum. Then, the skin is lightly drawn into the cup from the suction. This creates a relieving sensation. The skin reddens due to the congestion of blood flow. This stimulates areas along acupuncture points that directly stimulate the the muscles and nerves to promote healing.

The cups stay placed downwards on your skin for about five to ten minutes, then the cups are removed by the therapist. After which, the therapist may cover the previously cupped areas with ointment and bandages to prevent any infection. Cupping Therapy may leave round purple marks or circular bruises on the skin. These marks generally go away within 3 to 10 days.

Cupping therapy is successfully in treating conditions such as rheumatic pain, headaches / migraines, gastralgia (stomach pain), dyspepsia (indigestion), menorrhagia (painful menstrual cramps), arthritis due to wind-cold dampness, acute sprain, facial paralysis, hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body), and acne among other conditions.

Cupping May Not Be Right for Everyone

This therapy is not recommended for everyone. People with health conditions such as cancer, organ failure, hemophilia, edema, blood disorders, and certain types of heart disease may not but suitable for this type of pain management therapy. Let your therapist know if you have any of these conditions so they can properly evaluate your treatment plan to fit your needs.

The demand for drug free pain relief is on the rise. Alice Huang Chinese Natural Therapies provides several forms of pain management options that are long lasting and drug free. Call Alice today to see if this holistic therapy is right for you.  Alice Huang’s Cupping Therapy is available in three Metro Detroit locations:

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Alice is available in three locations: Dearborn, Wyandotte and Clawson, MI
Chinese Natural Therapies and Acupuncture is offered at all three locations. However, certain therapies are offered only available on certain days at each location. Choose the Metro Detroit location that is convenient for you and your schedule. The Dearborn, Wyandotte – Downriver, and Clawson Offices are here to assist you.  Please always feel free to call with questions.

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colenz Hydrotherapy

Colenz Cleansing Machine

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

            When life gets tough and the stress seems to never end many of us turn to massage for relief. At Alice Huang’s Natural Chinese Therapies, relief comes in many forms. You may wish to have an acupuncture session or a massage to ease tired and sore muscles, but what about our digestive systems? When stress and poor nutrition begin to take its toll many of us find ourselves slowing down. The normal bodily functions of having a bowel movement may become difficult or in some cases an infrequent event. Before buying the over the counter laxatives consider another option in, Colon Hydrotherapy.

            What exactly is Colon Hydrotherapy? Despite the new age sounding name, Colon Hydrotherapy is a process of cleansing the colon and large intestine of our natural waste products. This process is a gentle cleansing using filtered, UV sanitized, gravity fed water. The Colon Hydrotherapy is used to help eliminate stagnant waste; think less invasive than an enema if you are someone who suffers from frequent  constipation.

            For most individuals results will vary based on health conditions, nutrition and metabolism. Most people see improvements in elimination of waste, skin and eyes that are clearer, relief from pesky gas and constipation, increased energy and mental clarity. Some may see improvements in body detoxing and weight loss after as few as 3 sessions.

            “Remember most disease starts in the colon. If you want to live long;  keep your colon clean.” – Grandmother Huang.

            The philosophy at Alice Huang’s Natural Chinese Therapies is a commitment to overall radiant health and well being. The ideal session is comfortable, private, and relaxing, with a complete client centered approach to wellness. All the therapists in practice at Alice Huang’s are certified by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy or I.A.C.T.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

            How many sessions are needed? This is a common question when embarking on any new approach to wellness. Just as some people exercise on a more frequent basis; colon hydrotherapy can be used many times to achieve a particular result or used just once for an overall cleanse. So what does a session with a registered Colon Hydrotherapist entail?

            During the session your modesty and privacy will be maintained at all times. The therapist will drape appropriately whilst you are on the table for treatment. Sessions are a comfortable experience for most individuals. At Alice Huang’s the therapists use the Colenz ® table which is a FDA registered colon cleansing system.

            During a  session the colon cleansing is done through the use of a sterilized soft rectal  tube that is used once and then properly disposed of when a session is complete. The tables have built in fans to ensure a pleasant  experience wile in session. During a session the Colenz ® system gently uses water through the disposable rectal nozzle to cause the intestines to contract which enables the body to release its waste products. When a session is finished the waste is collected under the table in a container. Some people wish to examine the waste but this is optional.

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