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Alice Huang’s clients come from all different walks of life, but what they have in common is the desire to live an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Alice can treat clients in conjunction with their use of conventional medicine. Some clients seek treatment for symptoms that have been unsuccessfully diagnosed and / or treated by other methods.

Migraine Headaches

I have suffered from headaches for a majority of my life of which I contribute to a fall I took when I was a young child.  Throughout my life I learned to deal with the headache spells, typically taking strong aspirin and sleeping for a day.  This seemed to give me the best results however it also meant that I was missing out on whatever activities I had planned during the day’s recuperation. 

My headaches have increased in frequency and intensity.  Approximately 7 years ago my case was reviewed by a doctor who specializes in migraine headaches.   This doctor prescribed powerful drugs that proved only partially effective with numerous side effects.

I’m employed in the health industry and talk to a lot of people who visit our lab.  Many of these patients spoke highly of acupuncture as receiving relief from their aliments.  I investigated a local acupuncture clinic and decided to consult with the acupuncturist, Alice Huang of Alice Huang’s Chinese Natural Therapies.  

I received my first acupuncture procedure during August of 2017 from Alice Huang for my migraines and have continued on a monthly basis with excellent results.  The duration & intensity of the migraines have both been reduced.  I find Alice a very caring & understanding person who always takes her time, explains her procedures & suggests other methods to improve my total health.  I feel my health would benefit from a more regularly scheduled visit to Alice Huang’s office however my health care insurance coverage limits frequency of office visits.

Carolina Centlivre

Kelly Finley Quitting Smoking

I absolutely love Alice and highly recommend her! I started going to the Clawson location on January 4th, 2016 for acupuncture to quit smoking. I have not smoked since and it has been over 10 months! I loved smoking (as bad as that sounds) and tried everything to quit, literally everything you can think of and nothing worked for me. This works! Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!  I am so happy and proud that I was able to quit and cannot tell you how much better I feel and how much better my skin looks too. I was nervous and hesitant but it is very relaxing and I love the massage after too. She was also very helpful recommending herbal teas for mood swings and other supplements. I highly recommend Alice and feel so lucky that I found her! I would not be smoke free without her. Thank you!

Kelly Finley
New Century Realtors


Multiple Health Issues

Before finding Alice I was a physical wreck for three years, spent most of 2012 in and out of the hospital. The experts practicing western medicine were only able to treat my symptoms with no long term hope of recovery.

The doctors prior to Alice diagnosed me with everything from Colitis to possible Crohns and eventually determined that I had Sero Negative Autoimmune Enteropathy. Basically my immune system was attacking the small bowel and the end result looked similar to
Crohns, Colitis….but much worse if you can believe it. And they had no understanding of why it was happening.

I was on steroids for two years along with multiple other medications off and on, they basically were trying everything possible to relieve the symptoms. However each medication had bad side effects (they had to remove my Gall Bladder after a few weeks on
one of them). Ultimately they decided to shut down my immune system with an immunosuppressive drug. And they told me I would be on it for the rest of my life,

The immunosuppressive did relieve my symptoms but also left me with debilitating migraines and sudden uncontrollable vomiting. In addition I was required to have weekly blood tests, other side effects included reduced kidney and liver functions. I went from
one problem to multiple weekly health issues.

I was a walking dead man before Alice. I basically had no life, constantly sick in bed, vomiting every time I ate, dropped to 135lbs (natural weight was 178lbs)….

The treatments with Alice began in mid August 2013 and I experienced an immediate improvement in my stamina. This was encouraging so I committed to doing whatever she recommended. Because I felt re-energized after each Acupuncture session I went three times
a week. For me each Acupuncture session is an opportunity to meditate and focus on healing. Alice also had me take some herbs which I used faithfully.

Over the course of nine months I continued to improve weekly, my Acupuncture treatments through time were reduced to twice a week and eventually once a week. The western doctors were not happy that I sought an “alternative” treatment. But Acupuncture allowed
me to taper off the immunosuppressive drug despite their disapproval and with no relapse.

I sit here today completely off all western medicine, no longer requiring Alice’s herbs. Alice gave me a new lease on life and I’m extremely grateful to her.

Don’t fall into the trap of relying solely on western doctors, they can treat symptoms but eastern medicine takes a better approach of addressing your Qi. No miracles, just thousands of years in practice.

One last item to mention, there is no need to fear the needles, Acupuncture is relatively painless and very therapeutic.

I’m a definitely Dr. Alice Huang advocate and Acupuncture will be part of my healthy living forever.

Frank M.

Low Energy & Skin Break Outs

My name is Candace, I have been getting acupuncture for a few months now and the results are amazing. I came in originally because I was full of worry, very tired, had facial skin breakouts & problems expressing myself. My skin looked better after the first time, I have a lot more energy now and my worries are virtually gone! Thanks again Alice!

Candace S.


Multiple Health Issues & Depression

Hello My name is Laura Smith. I am 52 years old and am a Wife, Mother and Business Owner.
The journey that led me to Alice was long and painful and If you are thinking about acupuncture with her, I would highly recommend it as my results were life changing.
My mounting and disabling health problems from 2007 to 2012 would not find relief from the many medications that doctors would prescribe. The medications meant to help me caused my immune system to crash and brought on depression along with many other side effects. It was horrible.
I decided to try acupuncture in 2012 with only two chief complaints, I was afraid to expect too much. I had a very distended stomach and was suffering from ongoing depression (not sure from menopause or the long term health problems I suffered from) I knew traditional meds would not help me as I was the same person prescribed medications for 35years for a seizure disorder I had outgrown 20 years prior. I was now dealing with a host of new problems especially sensitive to any new meds. There had to be something to help me because I had no fight left and Alice would be the one.

Alice showed much concern after her initial evaluation and knew I had many more problems as she concentrated on my total wellbeing while targeting the depression and discomfort. This is the opposite of what I encountered from my many medical doctors over the years. I would see Alice another 4 times that spring and somehow everything seemed brighter and I felt better. I ended up having the best summer in 2012 in over seven years and my Fibromyalgia Flares were few and far between. I was happy and engaged in life again and had only one sinus issue that year. The Sinus relief helped regain control over my asthma and my six month recheck was now changed to yearly from my Asthma doctor. This is the example of how total wellbeing worked together for me.
My stomach distention was relieved and I felt more energetic and now am involved in water exercise that helps keep my Fibromyalgia at bay. The Teas prescribed enhanced my wellbeing and I have since been to Alice in February 2013 when the blues resurfaced and again in September 2013 for sinus. I am so happy to say I have very little need for medications and have learned to balance my life but have been shown that Eastern Medicine has indeed worked for me.
I have introduced my daughter to Alice in February when she too had the sadness of the winter blues and she felt remarkably better. I am now bringing my son to Alice for anxiety and stomach issues that have no medical origins. I want the best for my children and believe that acupuncture through Alice will allow them to learn that good health can be brought in many forms but the best is through the body healing itself.

Thank you Alice, I will always be grateful to you.

God Bless,
Laura Smith

Stomach Pains

“A friend of the family recommended Alice to me because I was suffering from a seemingly “mystery” pain in my intestines. After going to various doctors and still not feeling better, I decided to give Alice a shot. I only wish I had done it sooner! After a couple of weeks of acupuncture, I started to feel better. After a couple of months, I started to feel great. Now I’m entirely pain free. Additionally, the dark circles under my eyes that I had attributed to “getting older” have disappeared as well. I highly recommend Alice to anyone. She’s professional, compassionate, and passionate about what she does and, most importantly, it works.

Kristin L.

AmyChronic Fatigue Syndrome

I hold Dr Alice Huang and her care in the highest regard.
I highly recommend Alice Huang to anyone seeking better health.
I was diagnosed with and suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PCOS and Fibromyalgia, and I had severely irregular (little to no) menstruation for over a decade. I tried numerous doctors and remedies yet my symptoms continued to worsen. Then I found Dr Alice Huang. From the first acupuncture appointment I had with her, I had a drastic reduction in symptoms, got my period and my overall general health improved greatly – I just felt so much better! I have been a regular client of Dr Huang’s ever since and put my utmost trust in her. Now, approximately a year later, I am symptom free, am enjoying total better health and have a vitality that I can’t remember feeling since I was a child. I greatly thank Dr Alice Huang for her expertise, concern, compassion and care.

Amy K

Doctors Gave Wrong Diagnosis

My son, now eight years old, was suffering from vomiting every morning since he was four years old. He would vomit several times for periods of one to two hours. For three years we were at the doctor’s office every month including specialist. They did all kinds of test but they could not give me an answer why or what was wrong. Later I took him to a natural nutritionist and she put him in a diary free and gluten free diet but it did not help either. In the first visit with Dr. Alice, she diagnosed him with a weak spleen. After the first two treatments, my son stopped vomiting. Six months later in treatment and my son is able to eat everything with no problem. Dr. Alice is our Angel!”

Maria V

John GriggsTorn Abdominal Muscle

For nearly twenty years I have worked in restaurants. The toll it has taken on my body has been horrendous. I had torn my abdominal muscle after recovering from gall bladder surgery. I went to several doctors including surgeons and never found any relief. After two visits to Dr Alice, the pain is gone. It has never returned. She will ask you questions about your lifestyle and often advise turning fans off and protecting yourself from the cold. These questions may be new to you but trust me you have to listen to her advice. I recently have seen her for troubles in my shoulder and my back. After every visit, there is a huge improvement. I have stopped to taking, muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen 800 due to the healing gift that has shared with me. ”

John Griggs

Fire and Steel Catering LLC

Dianna KinaschukShoulder Pain

I had been suffering with severe pain beneath my left scapula for over a year. The pain limited mobility in my arm and would frequently awaken me at night. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably have to “live” with the pain when a friend recommended Alice. Upon our initial consultation I was immediately put at ease by Alice’s kind, friendly manner and caring attitude. I was impressed with her training and extensive background. After two treatments I was virtually pain free and able to resume my active lifestyle which includes yoga, Tai Chi and cardio kickboxing. After seeing my full recovery, my husband who had been plagued with a painful arthritic condition was also treated by Alice and he, too, has experienced success. Thank you Alice for bringing ancient eastern techniques to the western world.”

Dianna Kinaschuk

Sinus Issues

Alice, I want to thank you for helping with my sinus issues. I have always been skeptical about acupuncture, but after putting my well being in your hands, I am thankful for everything you have done for me. To think that from learning about you through a woman’s expo, trying your herbal product, to using acupuncture to help me with my sinus problems. We once talked about why I trusted you; I can only say that you delivered on everything you said, for that, I am extremely greatful. Alice is the real deal. Thank you so much for your help.”


Sherry Clippert
Sleeping Disorder

Alice is a consummate professional Healer. Struggling with an unexplainable (in Western medicine) sleeping disorder for most of my adult life. Alice was able to identify a potential fatal health issue and the corresponding organs in a few short minutes. After just the first visit my results were amazing and immediate. In a 1 1/2 hour session, she even helped to heal a severe shoulder injury and relieved the pain by 90%. You truly will know you have been in the arms of an angel after Alice has helped you. Please do not live in pain any longer, relief is just an appointment away!”

Sherry Clippert, M.Ed,
Holistic Health Specialist

“Just Didn’t Feel Good”

“I was feeling really bad. There was nothing medically wrong – I just didn’t feel good. Someone recommended that I see Dr. Alice Thomas for Acupuncture/Accupressure treatments. After several treatments, I noticed a remarkable improvement. I still see Dr. Thomas at least once a month for a maintenance program that includes recommended nutritional supplements.”

Brian C. Dombrowski
Attorney – Dearborn

Plantar Fasciitis

“I went for months with pain on my right heel (plantar fasciitis). The pain was so bad that I went to my family Doctor for help. I was told to stay off my feet, exercise my foot, take ibuprofen 800mg, and stop running. I tried all of the above, but I still had the pain on my right heel and the pain started to get worse.

A friend suggested acupuncture and to see Alice Thomas. I went to see Alice and the rest is history. After a few visits, the pain in my right heel started to go away and I’m back running again without pain. The acupuncture treatments are giving me more energy and also helping to lower my high blood pressure.”

Thank you so much Alice.

Charles David Hall Sergeant (Retired)
Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

Beverly D. Hall
Back Pain

“September, 2006

Since the year of 2003, I had been suffering with constant neck (cervical) and back (thoracic) pain. The pain began to control me every minute of every day. My medical doctor could not find any problems so he said I would have to learn to live with it. I began to take as many as 16-20 Tylenols a day. I also visited my chiropractor at least two to three times a week.

I continued to suffer with the growing intensity of pain through the year of 2004. The only relief I could find was through my chiropractic adjustments.

As the year 2005 began, my neck and back worsened. The pain became unbearable. In February I ended up in the hospital emergency room twice. The pain was so extreme; but the doctors could not help me because they could not see any problems through X-rays.

By the end of February, I could hardly function from the pain and sickness. I was disoriented and the pain caused me to vomit. I then began to miss work.

In the first week of March, I again went to the emergency room. A doctor ordered an MRI for me. The results showed that I had suffered four mini-strokes within the last year. The doctors then sent me to a pain center within the hospital. After meeting with the pain center’s team of doctor’s, they decided that indeed I was a candidate for their program. They would begin my treatment with a spinal epidural (with steroids) to ease and calm the pain in my neck and back. Each treatment would be three shots of steroids directly into the cervical area of my spine. Then it was a matter of – would my insurance company pay for the procedure? More waiting, more suffering. The pain I had been suffering caused me to miss work the months of March and April. After my first treatment, in late April I was able to return to work the beginning of May. But there were conflicts between my surgeon and my insurance company. According to the insurance company, too much steroid was considered a risk to my health.

Throughout my suffering I continued to visit my chiropractor. It was through him that I met Dr. Alice Thomas. I met with her and she explained her ancient Chinese therapies. I had my first cupping with Dr. Alice in May of 2006. I could not believe the relief from the pain that flowed through me. Dr. Alice explained that my muscles were locked and that the cupping would allow the blood to flow properly. I was skeptical but my first supping convinced me I had found a miracle. I make it a point to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alice at least once a month. The Chinese cupping and medicinal massage have become a very important part of my fight to ease and control the pain. After a session with Dr. Thomas I feel renewed and the pain is gone. I am so grateful that I have found Dr. Alice Thomas. I can not find the words to describe how wonderful I feel. Her ancient methods have helped me to get my life back to normal. I actually feel years younger after my treatment. The pain vanishes.”

Thank you so much Dr. Thomas!!

Beverly D. Hall – Taylor MI.

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